Here are some important questions our parents have been asking...

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    What type of service do you offer?

    Kiddie Shuttle offers first class transportation services for kids throughout Jefferson County and surrounding areas for children under the age of 18. All shuttles are prearranged and prepaid in advance.

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    How does this service work?

    Kiddie Shuttle is a shuttle service that assists parents and guardians with transporting their kids to/from school, after-school activities, soccer practice, and many other places. Our job is to relieve the stress of parents with getting their kids from Point A to Point B. No more leaving work early, traffic or waiting in long lines at school, Kiddie Shuttle is here to take over that job.

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    How do I book a ride for my child with Kiddie Shuttle?

    Our booking process is simple and hassle-free. Please refer to the customer login page in the top right-hand corner of our home page. Please follow the required steps and be sure to complete a registration form for your child. If at any time a parent isn’t sure about how to book a shuttle, they can send a message through our website or Facebook, send an email or call us directly.

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    What happens if my child isn’t ready when the shuttle arrives?

    We strive to make sure each passenger is at their designated location at the appropriate time, so when a child isn’t ready when we arrive, a late fee will be accessed. For more information about additional fees, please visit our pricing page!

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    Do you hold license and insurance?

    Kiddie Shuttle is licensed to provide transportation services throughout Birmingham, Alabama. We also hold multiple insurance coverages to protect our passengers and drivers. We also have road-side assistance for any breakdown or etc.

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    Do you provide car seats for infants/toddlers?

    We do provide car seats and travel items to all passengers at no additional costs to parents.

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    What are your operating hours?

    We're open from 6am until 8pm on Monday through Friday and appointment only on Saturday and Sunday.

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    What type of vehicle is used for pickup/drop-off?

    We have two vehicles that we use to transport passengers. Each vehicle is inspected daily and serviced semiannually throughout the year.

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